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• Fancy a splash of flo­ral colour amid all that fo­liage in your house? Some bloom­ing beau­ties, such as in­door hy­drangeas, chrysan­the­mums, cy­cla­men and festive poin­set­tias, can be lib­er­ated in your gar­den when they’ve done their dash in­doors. Just cut the spent blooms off and wa­ter them in well after trans­plant­ing. • Moth or­chids (pha­laenop­sis) are among the most pop­u­lar in­door plants given as gifts. To en­tice them to re­bloom, in­stead of cut­ting off the old stalk when the last petals drop, dead­head it by cut­ting down to the next node (swelling) on the stem. It should come away again at that point. • Sil­ver-veined cy­cla­men, large and minia­ture, are pop­u­lar for in­stant win­ter colour in­doors. Let the pot­ting mix dry fully be­tween wa­ter­ings or they can rot.

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