12 Fast flo­ral art tips

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Here are some fast and fu­ri­ous tips that should cul­mi­nate in some pretty dandy re­sults.

1 Start with the flow­ers rather than with the vase. Which flow­ers sim­ply must come into the house? The ar­range­ment can feel forced and stiff if you cre­ate around a con­tainer.

2 Now pick your con­tainer. It doesn’t have to be a vase. Tins, milk bot­tles, teapots, liquor bot­tles, ma­son jars, pitch­ers, wa­ter­ing cans…

3 Gather flow­ers that have in­ter­est­ing or con­trast­ing colours, forms and tex­tures.

4 Col­lect a lot of fo­liage. It may seem counter in­tu­itive, but green­ery gives the ar­range­ment a lit­tle some­thin’-some­thin’. Don’t worry about it be­ing the typ­i­cal bou­quet green­ery – grab any­thing in­ter­est­ing that you see.

5 Don’t stop at green­ery. Berries, seed­pods, grasses, woody stems, ev­er­greens and house­plant fo­liage are all in­ter­est­ing and will make the ar­range­ment unique. Green­ery and other good­ies help give the ar­range­ment shape as well.

6 God cre­ated flower frogs for a rea­son. Col­lect and use them.

7 Large/tall con­tain­ers are for tall flow­ers; small/short con­tain­ers are for short flow­ers. You want the flower height to be in pro­por­tion to the con­tainer size. In gen­eral, the flower should not be more than half as tall as the con­tainer.

8 Get rid of the leaves on the stem that will sit below the wa­ter line.

9 Start the ar­range­ment by plac­ing the tallest flow­ers (or green­ery) first. Ar­range the ma­te­ri­als that come next in line and so on.

10 Re­move sta­mens from flow­ers that have pollen on them. Pollen is not only messy but can also stain. Don’t place strong-scented flow­ers at the din­ner ta­ble.

11 If you an­gle the stems as you place them into the vase, you can cre­ate a nat­u­ral “grid” that will sup­port the en­tire ar­range­ment.

12 Fi­nally, stand back and check your ar­range­ment from ev­ery an­gle. You’re look­ing for uni­for­mity and re­peat­ing pat­terns.

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