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The best way to en­sure you have a con­tin­u­ous sup­ply of strong, healthy plants as your pe­largo­ni­ums age is to take cut­tings. Most gar­den­ers know they are among the eas­i­est plants to prop­a­gate from cut­tings, but for best re­sults:

• Take cut­tings while plants are ac­tively grow­ing, which can be year round in many parts of the coun­try.

• Make cut­tings about 4-8cm long us­ing a sharp knife. Cut just above a leaf joint on the main stem and strip off most of the leaves.

• Fill pots with a mix­ture of two-thirds pot­ting mix to one-third ver­mi­culite or crushed pu­mice.

• Leave un­cov­ered but don’t let them dry out. Cut­tings should root within a few weeks if po­si­tioned in a light, dry lo­ca­tion.

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