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We live on the main street through the town of Tararua, but still man­age to feed our na­tive birds who come into our gar­den, plus all the other birds that come onto the prop­erty. Each day they get fed with bird seed, sugar wa­ter and fruit.

Over the years, we have no­ticed fewer black­birds and thrushes. The wax-eyes, spar­rows, star­lings and yel­low finches are all here, and their num­bers are OK at the mo­ment. We do have straw­ber­ries, blue­ber­ries and other vine ber­ries, plums and pears which we do not mind shar­ing with the birds. There is plenty for all, and it’s great to see the dif­fer­ent species of birds.

I hope other peo­ple feel the same as we do and let the birds share some fruit and ber­ries. After all, they do a ser­vice for us in the gar­den by eat­ing the slugs, and vis­it­ing the fruit tree blos­som.

This year, our man­darin fruit tree has so much fruit, and the wax-eyes and tūī are get­ting the sweet juice by mak­ing holes in the skin. I have never seen this hap­pen be­fore... what clever birds. Carol Ma­cLean Walker, TARARUA

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