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The twin id­io­cies of fash­ion and com­pe­ti­tion that caused bi­colour sweet­peas to al­most dis­ap­pear (Novem­ber 2018) were on dis­play at a spring flower show re­cently. The daf­fodils were ut­terly beau­ti­ful and truly lifted my spirit. Then I en­coun­tered a woman, pre­sum­ably a judge, com­plete with acolyte and clip­board. She had a lit­tle ruler with which she was mea­sur­ing the petals of these beau­ti­ful flow­ers. It al­most sucked all the joy out of the oc­ca­sion, un­til the sheer lu­di­crous­ness of it made me laugh.

These des­per­ate at­tempts to ma­nip­u­late liv­ing things to con­form to a set of ar­bi­trary stan­dards have given us car­na­tions with­out fra­grance, and worse, dogs so de­formed and horses so frail that they can­not live out their nat­u­ral lives com­fort­ably. Bron­wyn Em­son, AUCK­LAND

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