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Onions New Zealand has pro­duced a poster of the 10 most un­wanted pests in its in­dus­try to help grow­ers keep an eye out. The poster is fea­tured on page 52 of this mag­a­zine.

Busi­ness man­ager James Ku­pe­rus says the poster is de­signed to un­der­line the im­por­tance of post bor­der sur­veil­lance and de­tec­tion of un­wanted or­gan­isms that may im­pact onion grow­ers’ prof­itabil­ity.

“It is im­por­tant to the onion in­dus­try to en­sure if an un­wanted or­gan­ism does find its way into New Zealand that it is spot­ted early and dealt with be­fore it be­comes well es­tab­lished and lit­tle can be done.

“Onions New Zealand be­lieves these are the 10 most likely ex­otic pests and dis­eases to cause sig­nif­i­cant eco­nomic im­pact to New Zealand onion grow­ers. Some of these or­gan­isms could cause loss of mar­ket ac­cess or re­quire ad­di­tional treat­ment and oth­ers are deemed to be se­ri­ous pro­duc­tion pests.

“These are all ex­otic (not here) and it’s the way we want to keep it.” Onions New Zealand says the onion fly is its num­ber one threat due to the im­pli­ca­tions it could have in ad­di­tional treat­ment re­quired to ex­port to lead­ing mar­kets.

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