Bal­lis­tic about Ba­zooka!

NZ Grower - - New Varieties 2018 -

Zuc­chini BA­ZOOKA

To fol­low on from the main sea­son Bal­lis­tic, we now have BA­ZOOKA. Very easy pick­ing with open plant habit and long stem, Ba­zooka has high re­sis­tance to an im­pres­sive list of dis­eases: PRSV, ZYMV, CMV, WMV, Px. Straight mid-dark green fruit with small blos­som end scar and cylin­dri­cal fill­ing makes for at­trac­tive pre­sen­ta­tion.

But­ter­nut T-REX

Look­ing for a hy­brid but­ter­nut? T-Rex is our new in­tro­duc­tion with ma­tu­rity Waltham plus 5-8 days. T-Rex still pro­duces that nice Waltham shape but with a big­ger neck and plenty of flesh. Bright or­ange in­ter­nal colour with creamy skin. Fruit weigh 1.5-2.3kg. Try it!

Beet­root RAP­TOR

Is set to de­vour the mar­ket stan­dard! Very uni­form F1 globe shaped beet with dark red in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal colour. The key to beet is thin taproot and nar­row but strong leaf at­tach­ment and RAP­TOR gets full marks for th­ese two points alone! Add smooth skin and strong tops mak­ing this va­ri­ety per­fect for both fresh mar­ket and pro­cess­ing pur­poses. RAP­TOR’s fo­liage stands up par­tic­u­larly well un­der warm con­di­tions. De­li­cious and nu­tri­tious beet!

Swiss Chard ION F1

has gained in pop­u­lar­ity of late for its strength against mildew, leaf dis­coloura­tion and spot­ting. ION has an ex­cep­tion­ally clean leaf of fresh green colour with a crisp red vein. Suit­able for year round har­vest with great Sum­mer hold­ing.

Chi­nese Cab­bage WAR­RIOR

Is par­tic­u­larly strong against bolt­ing. We rec­om­mend har­vest­ing June to Novem­ber when other va­ri­eties have prob­lems. Typ­i­cal head shape, av­er­age weight of 2-3kg, ex­cel­lent yel­low in­ter­nal colour with fresh green ex­ter­nal wrap. Uni­form and vig­or­ous.


Has very dark green straight pods of 8.5-10mm di­am­e­ter and 130-145mm long. Very strong bush with easy set­ting and 60-80 day ma­tu­rity. Picks eas­ily with lit­tle stem re­ten­tion. Pods are set well off the ground, and strong against wind rub giv­ing ex­cel­lent shelf life and qual­ity. High re­sis­tance to PSP, BCMV, Cl

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