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It's easy to give potato salad a makeover.

NZ Grower - - Potatoes Nz Inc. - By Niki Bez­zant

These kinds of sal­ads suit the way we want to eat now with more veg­eta­bles, fewer car­bo­hy­drates and less pro­cessed stuff.

Novem­ber means new pota­toes, as the catchy slo­gan goes, and that means lovely potato salad in all its guises.

Tra­di­tional potato salad – dress­ingheavy, gluggy, rich – leaves me a bit cold (par­don the pun). Those old­school potato sal­ads, while they have their own ap­peal, to me don’t re­ally cel­e­brate the flavour, tex­ture and love­li­ness of the new potato. I do, though, love a salad us­ing pota­toes in a broader, more modern sense of the word. To me that means a salad that lets the flavour of the potato shine, a salad that fea­tures other veg­eta­bles, that feels lighter and fresher than the very creamy, heavy sal­ads of old.

These kinds of sal­ads suit the way we want to eat now with more veg­eta­bles, fewer car­bo­hy­drates and less pro­cessed stuff. A potato salad like this, done right, will be ca­pa­ble of pleas­ing al­most any­one you might en­counter at a sum­mer gath­er­ing, ex­cept for the low­est of low-carb eaters. The ‘keto’ or ke­to­genic diet is a pop­u­lar one right now and would seem to pre­clude pota­toes this is one of the rea­sons I pre­dict it won’t last as a trend. Here are some of my favourite potato ‘salad ideas right now. Any of these can be a meal on their own, in my opin­ion, or you can add a piece of pro­tein in the form of steak, chicken, fish etc.

• A warm salad of freshly-cooked new pota­toes tossed with ex­tra vir­gin olive oil, finely chopped pre­served le­mon, blanched as­para­gus spears and black pep­per.

• Cooled Lit­tle Dig­gers with rocket leaves and lots of mint and black pep­per, dressed with a 50/50 mix of yo­ghurt and may­on­naise thinned with le­mon juice and spiked with black olives.

• Cooled Golden Gourmets given a Ja­panese twist with wasabi mayo (again, lighten it up by mix­ing with yo­ghurt), stud­ded with green peas and sprin­kled with crunched wasabi peas.

• Roasted smashed potato salad. Roast Gour­mandines whole then crush roughly with a potato masher be­fore spray­ing with oil and roast­ing again for a few min­utes to go crunchy and golden. Toss through baby spinach leaves and gar­nish with toasted al­monds and crunchy fried ba­con pieces.

• Cheese and potato are great friends so try warm new pota­toes treated like pasta and tossed with olive oil, grated fresh parme­san, chilli flakes, salt and black pep­per.

• Go for clas­sic flavours and com­bine cooled new pota­toes, chopped hard-boiled eggs, fresh pars­ley, tar­ragon and ca­pers. Dress with a mus­tardy vi­nai­grette made with whole­grain and Di­jon mus­tard.

• Try a creamy ve­gan dress­ing for your salad us­ing soft tofu as a base yes, re­ally! I am lov­ing this blended well with peanuts or sesame seeds, soy sauce and honey, but it could work equally well with al­monds or macadamias and le­mon.

There are so, so many more ideas out there so feel free to use these as starters. I’m mak­ing my­self hun­gry writ­ing this so I’m off to cook some spuds and cel­e­brate the sea­son.

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