On our very last page, we show you how to make your own art­works out of sculp­tural leaf shapes.

Make your own botan­i­cal art with sculp­tural fo­liage


We cre­ated: Float­ing frames con­tain­ing pressed fo­liage.

How we did it: We used a com­bi­na­tion of brass and wooden float­ing frames, stain­ing the plain pine frames us­ing Re­sene Color­wood nat­u­ral wood stain. Then for­age in your gar­den for in­ter­est­ing shaped leaves, or check out your lo­cal florist’s se­lec­tion (mon­stera leaves make great state­ment pieces). Fleshier leaves will re­tain their green colour for longer – be care­ful not to bruise them or they will dis­colour. To press, dry leaves with a pa­per towel, place be­tween two pieces of brown pa­per and place in the mid­dle of a thick heavy book. Weigh books down and leave to dry and flat­ten for at least a week. Po­si­tion fo­liage in the frame and se­cure us­ing small pieces of dou­ble-sided tape on the back. Hang and ad­mire. The de­tails: From left, suc­cu­lent $5 and ter­ra­cotta pots from $8 from Green­point Stu­dio, green­point.co.nz; wooden frames $6 and $8 from Kmart, kmart.co.nz; brass plant mis­ter $60, Esme Win­ter let­ter­press card $10, An­chor Ceram­ics planter $125 and goats­beard seed head pa­per­weight $90, all from Gar­den Ob­jects, gar­den-ob­jects.com; suc­cu­lent $10 from Green­point Stu­dio; green vase (part of a set of three) $188.95 from May Time, may­time.co.nz; Clean vase $22 from BoCon­cept, bocon­cept.com; brass float­ing frames with re­cy­cled sari ties (in­cluded) 12.5 x 18cm $62 and 20 x 25cm $72, all from The Axe, theaxe.co.nz; Broste oak con­sole ta­ble $1668 from Leopold Hall, leopold­hall.co.nz; wall painted in Re­sene ‘Span­ish Green’.

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