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It needn’t be ex­pen­sive to be mean­ing­ful.

Art was In­grid Geldof’s pick for en­dur­ing de­sign. “Care­fully se­lected, I still love it years later.”

Guy Tar­rant also cites his per­sonal col­lec­tion. “A plas­ter cast of my daugh­ter’s hand­print when she was two; a bul­let that my great-great-grand­fa­ther brought back from the Boer War; a Karl Maughan paint­ing that I swapped for one of my own when we were at art school to­gether; and art and architecture books that I have col­lected over the years. They’re all beau­ti­ful in their own right but trea­sured mostly be­cause of what they mean to me.”

Says Amy Ten­nent: “My huge Moroc­can rug [bought] from Bo­hzali, my leather chair that I had made, woollen blan­kets.”

Jan­ice Ku­mar-Ward has a pref­er­ence: “The art­work of Terry Stringer. Of­ten in­ter­ac­tive, emo­tive and made of beau­ti­ful met­als, they’re a for­ever piece.”

Clare Grove calls her­self a real mag­pie: “I have sev­eral small col­lec­tions that I trea­sure. My vin­tage evening bag col­lec­tion would top the list; they shim­mer and sparkle on my bed­room wall. I think the most im­por­tant de­tails in a home are ob­jects that pro­vide a con­nec­tion to fam­ily and friends. Pho­to­graphs, my chil­dren’s art­work and items found on our trav­els are the things that make me happy.”


Con­sid­ered lighting is vi­tal to the feel and func­tion­al­ity of a home.

Emma Gould’s favourite item in her home is a chan­de­lier she bought from an an­tiques shop in

Wales: “It’s a large cir­cu­lar cham­pagne glass and chrome art deco chan­de­lier that came off the Nor­mandie liner.”

Alexandra We­ston uses lighting to cre­ate cosi­ness: “Use table or floor lamps and low pen­dant lights and switch off the down­lights. Lamps give a more flat­ter­ing light to the room and the peo­ple in it.”

Jan­ice Ku­mar-Ward agrees: “Lamp­light – it’s über flat­ter­ing!”


Plants are ideal for adding life to a room.

Says Amy Ten­nent: “Fresh bunches of blooms. You don’t have to spend a mas­sive amount – a bunch of green­ery looks just as fab­u­lous, or pick a few stems of blos­som and pop them in a vase.”

Alexandra We­ston adds an ex­tra level of in­ter­est. “Place a vase of flow­ers some­where that needs it rather than ex­pects it. Keep them off the cen­tre of the din­ing table – place them on a wooden chair in the hall­way or win­dow sill in­stead.”

‘The most im­por­tant de­tails in a home are ob­jects that pro­vide a con­nec­tion’

– Clare Grove, stylist

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