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Auck­land- based sur­geon and evo­lu­tion­ary bi­ol­o­gist Dr Sharad Paul says “move it, move it” for the good of our brains. In his book The Ge­net­ics of Health, Dr Paul ar­gues that move­ment maketh the brain. “As hu­mans be­came upright, ev­ery­thing about our bod­ies evolved to make us walk and run. With this in­crease in move­ment, some­thing else was hap­pen­ing al­most mirac­u­lously – our brains were be­com­ing larger.” The best move­ment for brain health, says Dr Paul, in­volves, “lo­co­mo­tion, grasp­ing ex­er­cises and bal­ance. In short, the per­fect ex­er­cise for our brain is tango.”

DRSHARADPAUL.COM The Ge­net­ics of Health: Un­der­stand your Genes for Bet­ter Health by Dr Sharad Paul Pub­lished 2017 by Si­mon & Schus­ter, Aus­tralia

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