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For her art­works, Kirsten first sketches the image and colours she wants on pa­per. Then she scans the im­ages into her com­puter, put­ting it through Stylista soft­ware. “Us­ing the soft­ware, I se­lect which stitches fill each sec­tion and the di­rec­tion the stitches go. You can have 15 dif­fer­ent nee­dles threaded with 15 colours and you need to work out which colours go first as the colours layer over the top of each other, like a lino- cut print. It’s quite techy.” Sim­i­lar to any baby, Baby the ma­chine needs to be watched to make sure she stays out of trou­ble. “Some an­gles will make it cut out and I’ll need to re-thread it, so I can’t just walk away. “Again, de­pend­ing on the de­sign, about four hours af­ter it starts, stitch­ing at 850 stitches a minute, the art­work is done. That’s sub­stan­tially quicker than the 60 or more hours most de­signs might take to hand- em­broi­der.” stfabi­

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