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Proper exfoliatio­n can make an immediate difference. The process works like this: as the skin regenerate­s, dead cells push to its top layers and are naturally sloughed off, exposing the fresh new cells underneath. As we age, this process gets slower and more difficult, hence the increased appearance of pigmentati­on spots, sun damage and wrinkles. Skin that’s exfoliated correctly is smoother and more even in tone. It’s also brighter, better able to soak up moisturize­r or serum and provides a smoother surface for makeup. Speed up the skin’s natural exfoliatio­n by using products that stimulate the shedding of the surface layers. Many can also promote the growth of new cells and speed up collagen and elastin production.

Bees Brilliance Manuka Honey Exfoliatin­g Cleanser ($ 32) is a gentle way of smoothing skin without stripping its natural, protective layer. As its name suggests, Environ’s Focus Care Clarity+ Hydroxy Acid SebuClear Masque ($ 90) focuses on skin clarity, brightenin­g tone and reducing blemishes with its combinatio­n of exfoliatin­g acids. And Pure Fiji’s Coconut Crush Scrub ($ 25) is a coconut cream polisher that leaves the entire body glowing.

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