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Beautiful skin is as likely to result from good heritage as it is good routine, but just three habits can make a huge difference. 1. Make sunscreen an obsession. Sun damage is the No.1 cause of wrinkles, but that doesn’t stop us from either ignoring sunscreen or not applying enough of it. Most sun-shielding ingredient­s are effective for about two hours, which provides enough protection to walk to the office in summer. In winter, you can get away with being slightly less diligent. Still, future-proofing your complexion necessitat­es applying an effective sunscreen. One of them is Dermalogic­a’s Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 ($85), a weightless formula that blends easily on the skin, at least once a day. 2. Don’t over- cleanse. Cleanser employed at night to remove makeup and dirt is often all that’s required. Just apply the cleanser and leave on for a moment or two to break down the oil and grime, and then rinse off in lukewarm water. A splash with water in the morning will be enough to refresh the skin before applying moisturize­r. If you can’t face the thought of only one cleanse (or your skin is excessivel­y oily), wash am and pm with a gentle product, such as Joyce Blok Alpha Beta Cleanser ($52), which has the added benefit of six per cent alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, and pat dry. 3. Exfoliate regularly. Gentle exfoliatio­n is the key to brighter, fresher-looking skin. Blemishes can be healed, pores minimized, and skin restored to luminosity. Good exfoliants also promote cell growth and stimulate collagen and elastin helping, among other things, the skin to retain its firmness.

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