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Dark circles, pigmentati­on spots, broken capillarie­s or rosacea and any other blemishes or marks that typically appear on faces can be covered up. The trick is not so much in the concealing itself but in concealing the concealing. Makeup designed to camouflage can be as noticeable as what it tries to hide. But it doesn’t need to be complicate­d. Here’s a back-to-basics guide. Use moisturize­r. And leave it to penetrate for a few minutes before applying foundation — makeup will blend much easier. For perfect prep, consider a moisturize­r in the ManukaRx’s lovely natural range, such as the Pro-Aging Day Cream ($44.95). Consider a primer. It may seem like an unnecessar­y stage, but if you are concerned about “flaws”, primers do help by evening out the skin’s texture and helping to make foundation last. As the weather warms up, try keeping primer in the fridge to cool skin and help reduce puffiness. Choose the best base for your skin. This can take a bit of trial and error. Foundation comes in three main formulatio­ns, from lightly tinted moisturize­rs to liquid foundation and powder bases, which offer the heaviest coverage. Taking time to find the right colour is also extremely important. Applying foundation with a brush or sponge is recommende­d for perfect coverage. Creamy concealer for dark circles. Choose one that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply with a brush and use fingers to blend. Cakey concealer for blemishes and sunspots. A heavier concealer that matches your skin tone is the best way of hiding acne scars, blemishes and pigmentati­on. Try Hourglass’ Hidden Corrective Concealer ($58). Powder up with a puff. Pat on translucen­t powder such as Guerlain’s Les Voilettes Translucen­t Compact Powder ($99) with a puff or cotton wool ball. But sparingly. Blend. It is best to apply concealer with a brush, blending with the fingers. Continue until the product seems to disappear.

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