Cit­rus Cooler

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You can dress this up with some ice cubes and bit­ters (avail­able from a liquor out­let) for a lovely evening drink, and/or some mint, bor­age flow­ers or cit­rus slices for dec­o­ra­tion.

You can use any mix of cit­rus: rang­pur lime, lemon and limes, grape­fruit and blood or­anges, or plain lemons. All are great but any­thing works.


2 cups zest & cit­rus juice

of your choice 4 cups sugar 2 tbsp ep­som salts 1 tbsp cit­ric acid 1 tbsp tar­taric acid 500ml boil­ing wa­ter 1.5l cold wa­ter


Dis­solve the sugar, ep­som salts, cit­ric acid and tar­taric acid in the boil­ing wa­ter.

Add 1.5 litres cold wa­ter*, cit­rus juice and zest. Di­lute to taste, usu­ally about a quar­ter to a third with wa­ter or car­bon­ated wa­ter (I use a soda stream).

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