How to build a prop­a­ga­tion ta­ble

This prop­a­ga­tion sta­tion is waist height for ease of use, and has weather-re­sis­tant UV plas­tic and mesh sides for ven­ti­la­tion. It’s pos­si­ble to adapt these plans by up­cy­cling an old bar­be­cue frame and repur­pos­ing a dis­used out­door ta­ble as the stand. An o

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18m of 45 x 45mm gauged wood, cut into lengths of 4 x 1m, 4 x 1.2m, 6 x 300mm, 4 x 1110mm and 2 x 390mm

48 x 75mm gal­vanised coun­ter­sunk tim­ber screws for 45 x 45mm fram­ing

10m of 35 x 88mm stan­dard deck­ing tim­ber

88 x 63mm screws for deck­ing tim­ber

8 x 38mm L-brack­ets

Roll of 910mm x 2050mm alu­minium in­sect screen or wire mesh

1.2m x 0.5m plas­tic poly­thene or glasshouse wo­ven plas­tic

2 x 70mm hinges

12 x 8g x 16mm tim­ber screws for hinges

Kitchen cup­board han­dle

You’ll need:

Saw, drill, chocks, clamp, sta­ple gun and sta­ples, stan­ley knife, scis­sors

Stand STEP 1

For each front and back frame side, ver­ti­cally lay 2 x 1m lengths of 45 x 45mm and place 2 x 1.2m lengths hor­i­zon­tally on top: one 45mm and one 670mm from base of ver­ti­cals. Af­fix each con­nect­ing length with 2 x 75mm screws.


Stand frames up­right to face each other (the hor­i­zon­tal lengths fac­ing in­wards). Chock with blocks so they stand self-sup­ported.

Shelves STEP 3

Cut deck­ing into 22 lengths of 390mm slats. To make the lower shelf, place 11 slats be­tween the front and back frames, on lower hor­i­zon­tal sup­ports. Evenly space slats (about 12mm be­tween each), ad­just­ing to en­sure edges sit flush with the out­side legs of the frame. Use a length of wood clamped to each leg as a straight edge for the slats.


Screw slats into place with 4 x 65mm screws per slat.


To make the up­per shelf, re­peat as above with the re­main­ing 11 slats, spac­ing them evenly apart and screw­ing into place.

Seedling box STEP 6

Screw a 300mm x 45 x 45mm length of tim­ber onto each nar­row end of the frame to box it in: lower shelf, up­per shelf and top of frame. Re­peat on the other side. To com­plete the box frame, screw a 1110m length of 45 x 45mm onto each long side of the top frame. For strength and rigid­ity, screw an L-bracket into each cor­ner un­der the top of the frame, con­nect­ing the hor­i­zon­tal length with each ad­join­ing ver­ti­cal leg.


Use a stan­ley knife to cut 2 x 170 x 270mm pieces of mesh for the sides and 2 x 360 x 270mm for the ends. Sta­ple to the out­side of the up­per shelf, en­clos­ing the box on all four sides.


To make the lid, screw 2 x 390mm and 2 x 1110mm lengths to­gether to fit the top of the frame. Se­cure with 8 x 75mm screws.


Cut and at­tach a 1.2x. 5m piece of plas­tic over the out­side of the lid, sta­pling and trim­ming where nec­es­sary.


At­tach the han­dle to the front of the lid and hinges to the back.

‘Gauged’ tim­ber is cut, then a planer is used to trim it to the right size and to give it a smooth fin­ish.

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