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The queen of the night

The Queen of the night ( Cestrum noc­tur­num) sounds dra­matic, and she causes drama. This 1.5-2.5m high shrub is com­mon in NZ gar­dens and has a stink­ing habit. Its leaves and flow­ers are foul-smelling, and the berries that fol­low are toxic. Lo­ca­tion: na­tion­wide Dis­tinc­tive fea­tures: re­ally stinky, foul-smelling tube-like, green-white flow­ers which only open at night dur­ing Novem­ber-march, fol­lowed by glossy, white, toxic berries, 5-10mm in di­am­e­ter Why is it weedy: spreads eas­ily, is highly shade tol­er­ant, crowds out other plants How does it spread: is spread by birds, soil move­ment and dumped in veg­e­ta­tion Note: there are sim­i­lar-look­ing (but not smelling) na­tive species so iden­tify care­fully

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