The ben­e­fits of ac­ti­va­tion

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The rea­son for soak­ing, or ac­ti­vat­ing, the buck­wheat, is to help break down the phytic acid that is present in all seeds, grains, nuts and legumes. Phytic acid binds to the nu­tri­ents in these foods, mak­ing them less avail­able to our di­ges­tive tract.

The con­tent of phytic acid varies enor­mously be­tween plants due to en­vi­ron­men­tal fac­tors and the type of seed, grain or nut. It per­forms an es­sen­tial role in seed ger­mi­na­tion. When a seed sprouts, phy­tase en­zymes break down phy­tates, al­low­ing the nu­tri­ents con­tained in the seed to be­come more avail­able.

Soak­ing, sprout­ing, malt­ing and fer­ment­ing seeds, grains, nuts and legumes in­creases this ac­tiv­ity. It also de­creases the amount of phytic acid, mak­ing it eas­ier for our di­ges­tive sys­tem to ac­cess and digest nu­tri­ents.

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