The 6 DE­SIGN STRATE­GIES that will save you time, money & ef­fort

Here’s how to cre­ate a fu­ture-proof plan for your block that means you do it once and do it right.

NZ Lifestyle Block - - Self- Sufficiency - Words Sh­eryn Cloth­ier

I am a plan­ner.

Ask me what my life will be like in 10 years and I will tell you Plan A.

My hus­band is not a plan­ner. He says plans never work out, so why bother. I say fail­ure to plan is plan­ning to fail. But that doesn’t mean plans are set in stone. They can be added to, al­tered or dis­carded. How­ever, if you don’t know where you are go­ing, you won’t get there.

Our prop­erty has been planned from the be­gin­ning. I asked a lot of peo­ple, did a lot of re­search and re­ceived some good (and bad) ad­vice. I spent some time on other, sim­i­lar life­style blocks, look­ing at how they did their chores and had set things up.

I mea­sured sun, noted wind and scrib­bled on bits of pa­per, grad­u­ally form­ing an idea of what would work for me on my block. Trees here, this size. Shrubs and gar­dens here, this big. Ducks here. Fences there and there, pig house here, barn there, gates here and here, drain through a bird for­est down there.

It was all in my head. Af­ter 10 years of work a lot of it is still in my head. I am of­ten as­tounded that other peo­ple do not recog­nise the old boat and fire­wood stack as the en­closed heated swim­ming pool and trop­i­cal gar­den it is des­tined to be.

Over the years Plan A has al­tered. How­ever, mostly it has come to fruition as I orig­i­nally en­vis­aged. When we have needed to do the next step, the gate is in the right place, the post is al­ready there, no trees are in the way. Ev­ery step is for­ward, with noth­ing hav­ing to be re­done or al­tered. This is why plan­ning is im­por­tant.

Fail­ure to plan is plan­ning to fail. But plans aren’t set in stone.

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