3 ways to be flex­i­ble

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1 Get some pan­els (or gates) to fit to­gether into a pen.

Ide­ally our pan­els would have been sized to fit our trailer as we of­ten cart live­stock. We have used them to: house guinea fowl un­til they set­tle in as a pen for piglets when they first ar­rive for duck­lings that need to be kept sep­a­rate for meat chick­ens so the oth­ers don’t scoff all their feed for the pet lamb on the lawn as a pen to shut the ducks away at night when they are lay­ing so I can col­lect the eggs.

There would have been 101 other uses through­out the years.

2Have good yards

Our per­ma­nent stock yards are high enough for cat­tle, but the gaps are small enough to keep pigs and sheep in and they are used for all.

3Think multi-pur­pose for sim­i­lar jobs

The cow shed is sea­son­ally the cal­frais­ing shed, milk­ing shed and hay shed. Oc­ca­sion­ally its du­ties over­lap and things get a bit crowded, but never for long.

A load­ing bank, truck-load­ing ramp, trailer-load­ing ramp and gate through into my next-door neigh­bour’s yards which line up along­side our drive­way. It also serves as a turn­ing bay or carpark when our gates are closed. Be­hind is a small yard for killing or shear­ing, with a short race for work­ing stock.

Sh­eryn Cloth­ier teaches a range of sus­tain­able liv­ing skills from her block in Ti­rau, Waikato. See www.lals.nz for de­tails about up­com­ing May cour­ses on Plan­ning the Home Or­chard, and Block and Or­chard De­sign.

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