How to im­port farm an­i­mals

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Bring­ing a new breed into NZ is ex­pen­sive, and you can only im­port cer­tain species of farm an­i­mals from ap­proved coun­tries:

sheep, goats, deer, lla­mas, and al­pacas from Aus­tralia lla­mas and al­pacas from the USA

To suc­cess­fully im­port farm an­i­mals into New Zealand you need to know about:

the im­port health stan­dards (IHS) for farm an­i­mals the ap­proved coun­tries and species ap­ply­ing in ad­vance for a per­mit from MPI ear-tag­ging re­quire­ments pre-ex­port iso­la­tion, in­clud­ing tests and treat­ments ve­teri­nary cer­ti­fi­ca­tion no­ti­fy­ing an MPI of­fi­cial vet be­fore an­i­mals ar­rive biose­cu­rity clear­ance in Auckland declar­ing med­i­ca­tion post-ar­rival quar­an­tine, if needed the re­port­ing obli­ga­tions for im­ported an­i­mals in NZ

rel­e­vant fees and charges The Min­istry for Pri­mary In­dus­tries has de­tailed guides on how to get started.

Gen­eral im­port re­quire­ments ap­pli­ca­ble to live farm an­i­mals

You can im­port cat­tle, sheep, deer, al­pacas, lla­mas, and goats into NZ, as out­lined here:­port­ing/live-an­i­mals/ farm-an­i­mals/

Im­port re­quire­ments for se­men and em­bryos

A guide to the strict biose­cu­rity mea­sures, test­ing pro­ce­dures, and re­quire­ments for im­port­ing an­i­mal se­men and em­bryos (germplasm):­port­ing/live-an­i­mals/ se­men-and-em­bryos/

Im­port Health Stan­dards (IHS)

The re­quire­ments for im­port­ing se­men and em­bryos from dogs, cat­tle, sheep and goats, deer, lla­mas and al­pacas, bees, horses, pigs and ze­bra:­port­ing/live-an­i­mals/ se­men-and-em­bryos/ There are sep­a­rate IHSS for em­bryos and se­men:­port­ing/live-an­i­mals/ se­men-and-em­bryos/re­quire­ments/

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