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Saf­fron milk cap

Lac­tar­ius de­li­cio­sus This a firm, dense mush­room with a nutty, earthy flavour, a ter­rific meat sub­sti­tute with a tex­ture some­where be­tween hal­loumi cheese and a ten­der steak. Known for the golden-or­ange milk that oozes from its freshly-cut flesh.

The bo­letes Slip­pery jacks

Suil­lus lu­teus

Pine bo­lete

Suil­lus gran­u­la­tus

Birch bo­lete

Lec­cinum scabrum

Larch bo­lete

Suil­lus gre­villei Bo­letes are slightly dif­fer­ent from reg­u­lar mush­rooms, hav­ing pores on their un­der­sides which look like a sponge in­stead of gills. Theres and Hannes de­hy­drate them to in­ten­sify their flavour and sell them as a mix they call ‘dried wild mush­rooms’, used to add a rich, deep taste to dishes.


Bo­le­tus edulis Said to be one of the finest eat­ing mush­rooms in the world, can be used fresh or dried, adds a rich, earthy, woodsy flavour to pasta, risotto, soups and sauces.


Lac­caria lac­cata Named be­cause it can vary quite markedly in colour as it ages, grows un­der pines and birches.

White truf­fle (Bianchetto)

Tu­ber borchii Can grow un­der oaks, hazels and conifers, known for its com­plex flavours and high price (around NZ$3000-$4,000 plus GST per kilo­gram).

Painted suil­lus

Suil­lus lakei These grow un­der Dou­glas fir. Noted NZ truf­fle and mush­room ex­pert Dr Ian Hall writes they can be used in place of porcini in dishes and have a su­perb flavour and aroma.

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