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• CORN salad is a cold-weather crop, best grown in au­tumn, win­ter and spring. In hot weather, plants grow much more slowly and are more sus­cep­ti­ble to mildew and bolt­ing. Above 17°C, seeds will go dor­mant. • SOW out­side in au­tumn for win­ter and early spring crops, and again in early spring in green­house beds, or in con­tain­ers for trans­plant­ing out for early spring pick­ings. • CORN salad prefers an open, sunny site in a deep, rich, fer­tile soil for con­tin­u­ous growth, al­though it tol­er­ates most soils, and wet and dry con­di­tions. • PLANTS can be grown as cu­tand-come-again seedlings or as sin­gle plants. Sow for sin­gle plants in well-wa­tered drills, 1cm deep in rows 20-30cm apart and thin pro­gres­sively to 10cm apart. Plants can also be grown in 25cm pots. • LEAVES can be picked as re­quired (be care­ful not to re­move too many at once) or lift whole plants when ma­ture, about 3 months af­ter sow­ing. • VA­RI­ETIES There are two va­ri­eties avail­able in New Zealand. Verte de Cam­brai is hardier for win­ter har­vest­ing and is found in some gar­den cen­tres in au­tumn. Dutch Large Seeded has a more up­right growth and slightly larger leaves.

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