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Run­ning out of wood dur­ing cook­ing is the equiv­a­lent of run­ning out of gas mid­bar­be­cue. Avoid this by in­te­grat­ing a wood store into your de­sign; a space be­low the oven is ideal so you can eas­ily do a vis­ual stock-take of your sup­plies. Don’t be too wor­ried about cracks in the fin­ished oven; this is nor­mal and won’t sig­nif­i­cantly af­fect its per­for­mance. Due to the tem­per­a­tures reached, it’s dif­fi­cult to pre­vent crack­ing. De­sign stor­age for your pizza oven tools so you can have them within easy reach.

Con­crete or tile the area di­rectly be­neath the oven door so if em­bers fall out they won’t catch fire, espe­cially if your oven is near a tim­ber deck.

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