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Swine: for­mal, plu­ral name for pigs Gilt: a fe­male pig that has not yet pro­duced a lit­ter Sow: a fe­male pig that has had its first lit­ter Bar­row: a cas­trated male pig (in the US they are called hogs) Boar: an en­tire male pig over six months old Far­row­ing: giv­ing birth Piglet: baby pig Lit­ter: fam­ily group of piglets Weaner: piglet separated from its mother, 6-8 weeks old Porker: a pig about 60kg live weight Cut­ter: between porker and a ba­coner weight, raised to pro­duce larger joints Ba­coner: a pig reared for ba­con, slaugh­tered at 80–100kg live weight

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