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Peach x apri­cot HEIGHT: 4-5m HAR­VEST: De­cem­ber-jan­uary

This cross pro­duces golden-coloured fruit with a red blush that’s sweet, tasty, juicy and firm-fleshed. It crops reg­u­larly, is self­fer­tile, and pro­duces fruit in early sum­mer.

It needs the same grow­ing con­di­tions as other stone fruits, do­ing best in ar­eas that get a cold win­ter. If your re­gion has high sum­mer hu­mid­ity then fun­gal and bac­te­rial dis­eases, like leaf curl, can be a prob­lem.

How­ever, a pre­ven­ta­tive spray pro­gramme can usu­ally keep these un­der con­trol. Spray with cop­per: once in au­tumn or win­ter af­ter leaf fall once in spring at bud swell re­peat 10 days later

Nec­ta­co­tums (nec­tarine-apri­cot-plum)

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