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A vine on a mission

ALSO KNOWN AS Madeira vine, Anredera cordifolia

FOUND: Nationwide

FEATURES: this is a rampant South American native with hard-to-kill tubers and roots. Its slender, usually reddish, stems climb steadily up plants and trees (up to 9m high), eventually smothering them. Fleshy, almost succulent, heartshape­d leaves are glossy green and clammy to the touch. It produces long, slender, drooping flowerhead­s of small, fragrant, cream flowers from January to April. No fruit forms, but it does grow masses of ginger-like tubers on old stems, which break off, then regrow.


1. Pull plant (all year round), burn all parts or place all parts in black plastic bags and leave to ‘cook’ in the sun.

2. Cut down and paint stump (all year round): metsulfuro­nmethyl 600g/kg (1g/L) or glyphosate (100ml/L) or a product containing 100g picloram+300g triclopyr/L (100ml/L) or triclopyr 600 EC (100ml/L) or triclopyr 120g/L (500ml/L). Pull out and rake up all aerial tubers, burn or ‘cook’ in black plastic bags left in the sun.

3. Spray (spring to autumn): metsulfuro­n-methyl 600g/kg (3g) + glyphosate (100ml) + penetrant per 10L (knapsack) or metsulfuro­n-methyl 600g/kg (30g) + glyphosate (1L) + penetrant per 100L (spraygun).

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