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I don’t drink alcohol. That’s a slight problem when you’re about to speak to one of the top gin-makers in NZ.

I’ve never liked the taste of anything alcoholic, and alcohol doesn’t like me at all. The times I have tried to fit in by having a glass of wine or a cocktail, I’ve quickly shown an intoleranc­e to it. First, I turn bright red and feel sick (within minutes). Then I get incredibly sleepy to the point of unsociabil­ity. The plus side is my friends always have the guarantee of a sober driver.

Dear friend (and NZ Lifestyle Block’s designer) Rebecca is a big fan of gin, making it easy to know what to get for her birthday. During our last work-fromhome meeting, I asked if I could try a little sip of the various bottles on her drinks tray. There were a few options, from a worldwide commercial brand to a couple of NZ artisan gins.

I don’t have the words to describe gin other than to say it’s far more delicate than any alcoholic drink I’ve tried before.

What I learned from our story on Kate Galloway of Hastings Distillers (see page 16) was there’s a lot more going on in a glass of gin than I ever thought possible. Her award-winning gin Albertine contains 38 botanicals, many grown in her biodynamic garden. She also explains why some of her favourite plants didn’t come up to snuff. Why a Linden lime would end up fishy is a mystery.

If gin doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, check out the herb Glen Chen grows in the shadows

(page 24). His favourite botanical commands a hefty price tag, and you get something that wants to be on the dark side of your block.

Nadene Hall, Editor

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