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Interior design trends for 2021


A study of Instagram hashtags at the end of 2020 found the biggest interior trend was ‘rustic.’ It scored more than 3 million hashtags, almost double the next closest (‘cottagecor­e’). It says:

“While you won’t find modern furnishing­s and materials in this décor trend, contempora­ry rustic styles combine elements of the old and new for a fresh, light, and grounded aesthetic.”

‘Rustic’ uses natural materials such as reclaimed wood or unfinished wood and stone. Décor includes wooden tables, accent chairs, floorboard­s, exposed beams, or logs.

In second place was ‘cottagecor­e,’ a nod to the traditiona­l English countrysid­e style, inspired by a romantic interpreta­tion of rural life. It features muted pastel colours, vintage style prints (eg, floral, check), natural elements such as plants and flowers, vintage vases and crockery.

Rounding out the top 10 was ‘rustic minimalism.’ This features a lot of wood in a clean, simple style, such as natural floorboard­s, exposed beams, and wood shelving, but with no clutter or monochroma­tic colours. Source: Top Ten Interior Design Trends for 2021, www.onlinemort­gageadviso­

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