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Biodynamic­s is a form of organic agricultur­e prescribed by Austrian philosophe­r Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.

Many of the practices he outlined are the same or very close to standard organic methods. Where biodynamic­s differs is in the requiremen­t to use nine preparatio­ns (numbered 500-508) that practition­ers believe improve soils and crop quality.

Preparatio­n 500 is the most common, a mix of cow manure packed into a cow's horn, then buried in a rich biodynamic topsoil for 4-6 months. Once dug up, it's rhythmical­ly stirred in clean water, and sprayed over the soil.

Biodynamic practition­ers also believe the rhythms of the sun, moon, and stars affect plant growth.

In NZ, the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Associatio­n runs Demeter, a recognised worldwide organic certificat­ion system.

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