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If your tomatoes aren’t going to reach their full potential, there are other ways to eat them.


As temperatur­es begin to drop, tomato plants start to slow down. Once daytime temperatur­es are below 12˚C, any remaining fruit will stop ripening.

You can either ripen them further (see page 33) or turn them into something delicious.

Immature green tomatoes

Features: very hard, deep green colour. Best way to use them up: marmalade or jam.

Mature green tomatoes

Features: quite firm, bottoms may have a white or yellow ‘star’ – may ripen further if placed in a paper bag with a banana or apple. Best way to use them up: stew, fry, or substitute for apples in recipes.


Features: have pink bottoms, will ripen further at room temperatur­e.

Best way to use them up: use them straight away in uncooked relishes or guacamole.

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