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BBC Good Food

Has a recipe for compound gin and a large number of infused vodka recipes: www.bbcgoodfoo­ – search for ‘gin drink.'

Ginned Magazine

The UK's Craft Gin Club shares its recipe and a how-to video:

Google www.craftgincl­

+ ‘how to make your own gin'


Several gin experts share their favourite infusion recipes:

Serious Eats

This recipe includes lavender, chamomile, and grapefruit peel: www.seriouseat­ – search for ‘diy gin recipe.'

TIP: When it's ready, an infused gin will look yellow or orange (depending on the botanicals), not clear. If you want it to look clearer, you can pass it through a water filter jug a few times. However, it still won't go crystal clear like distilled

■ commercial gin.

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