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How much room does a tree need?


THIS IS a very rough guide to the width of full-size fruit trees if allowed to grow with minimal pruning. It’s based on my observatio­ns growing in the Waikato and varies with individual varieties. Add a metre for access, eg, a 5m-wide tree needs 6m of space.

5m wide

Walnuts, chestnuts, peaches, nectarines, apricots, Japanese plums, pears, avocadoes, persimmons, cherimoyas

4m wide

Apples on MM106, Northern Spy and M793 rootstock, hazels, almonds, JapaneseEu­ropean-cross plums, quince, prunes

3m wide

Citrus, European plums (eg, damson, greengage), crabapples

1m wide

Bananas, tamarillo

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