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8 things to know about salmonella in your coop


SALMONELLA is common in wild duck and bird population­s, so you're never going to be able to completely protect a free-range flock from catching or carrying it.

An infection can quickly overwhelm a bird. Various types of salmonella can cause sudden death, but you'd need to confirm it with a faecal swab.

If you have a few birds die suddenly, it's worth testing for salmonella bacteria, which last in the environmen­t for a long time, including in cracks in concrete floors.

Several strains of salmonella can affect poultry. Some are poultry-specific, such as Salmonella gallinarum, which causes fowl typhoid in birds aged 12+ weeks. Other species affect poultry, humans, pets, and livestock.

SYMPTOMS IN BIRDS: sleepiness, dehydratio­n, birds huddled together, poor growth, white, chalky diarrhoea and pasty vent, sudden death, especially in young chicks, or you may find layer hens dead on the nest.

TREATMENT: your vet will need to test to confirm it and prescribe antibiotic­s. Supportive care will help:

put the bird or birds in a separate coop, chicken ark, or even a large dog crate – crates are ideal as they're light, easy to

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