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Why your dog or cat may be out to get you


RESEARCH has found while salmonella infections are uncommon in dogs and cats, if they're walking around the same area as your poultry, they're going to track it into your home during an outbreak or shed it after eating or licking faecal matter.

While adult pets are unlikely to get sick and are often asymptomat­ic when they have it, dogs and cats can easily pass it on to people.

Puppies and kittens are more likely to show signs of disease. When it's seen in an adult dog or cat, the animal typically has another infection or health problem at the same time.

Symptoms of salmonello­sis in dogs and cats include:

diarrhoea (the most common sign, which may be bloody);



loss of appetite;

decreased activity level. Sources: US Food & Drug Administra­tion, Animal Health Literacy (,

MSD Veterinary Manual (www.msdvetmanu­

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