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Hi, Mark. How long has Mor­ris Sheet­metal Works Ltd been op­er­at­ing for, and what are your bread-and-but­ter ser­vices?

“The com­pany has been in busi­ness since 1971 and we have a fully func­tional tool, press, fab­ri­ca­tion, and weld­ing shop, as well as mo­bile weld­ing ser­vices, on-site fab­ri­ca­tion re­pairs, and full in­stal­la­tion. Most of our work in­volves cutting, press­ing, and fab­ri­cat­ing prod­ucts such as stain­less-steel tanks, con­veyor press­ings, house flash­ings, ma­chine guards to com­ply with the new health and safety act, dust ex­trac­tion ducts, and bench tops — we fab­ri­cated all the work­shop benches for the Gil­trap Group. We also spe­cial­ize in ar­gon TIG, MIG, and arc weld­ing, both alu­minium and stain­less steel, in­clud­ing purge weld­ing.

“So, we can pretty much make any­thing out of sheet metal in the shop, and then weld it in on site if re­quired.”

We un­der­stand that you’re quite in­volved in mo­tor­sport and cars out­side of work, too?

“Yes, I per­son­ally have been in­volved in hot rod­ding since 1969, and have a ‘41 Willys coupe which has been on the road for 20 years, and am just in the fin­ish­ing stages of a Willys road­ster af­ter a 10 year build. I was also in­volved with dirt track rac­ing and ral­ly­cross in the ear­lier years, hav­ing built and worked on many cars. A few of the staff here are also into cars and mo­tor­sport.”

How has that in­ter­ested fed back into the busi­ness?

“Well, I sup­pose that’s why we also of­fer small-parts fab­ri­ca­tion that in­cludes au­to­mo­tive ap­pli­ca­tions. We can make up things likes restora­tion pan­els and chas­sis mem­bers. In the past, we’ve fab­ri­cated run­ning boards for trucks, as well as al­loy and stain­less-steel fuel tanks. The tool­ing is the same, so a we can fab­ri­cate and weld a num­ber of items in the shop. And if you’re look­ing to fit out your garage or work­shop, our ser­vices cover the fab­ri­ca­tion and in­stal­la­tion of work benches, shelv­ing, and safety pieces — there’s noth­ing like a fresh work­shop.”

And the read­ers can also pur­chase ma­te­rial for their own projects from you?

“Yes, we can sup­ply plain ma­te­rial — mild steel, al­loy, stain­less. And we of­ten have peo­ple com­ing in en­quir­ing about pur­chas­ing small of­f­cuts to make things such as brack­ets at home them­selves.

“At the same time, we can as­cer­tain what com­po­nents you’re at­tempt­ing to make your­self, and per­haps of­fer our long list of ser­vices in order to en­sure a qual­ity fin­ish; be it full fab­ri­ca­tion of the com­po­nent or just cutting the ma­te­rial to the re­quired size — we’re happy to help.”

Thanks for the in­sight, Mark.

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