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Christchurch lo­cal Brad Whit­low is no stranger to own­ing Toy­ota AE85/6s; how­ever, his last one, which was used as a daily-driver, was writ­ten off back in 2014. Hav­ing a young fam­ily at the time, other things took pri­or­ity, and the thought of buy­ing an­other was side­lined.

That was, at least, un­til he rode shot­gun in Thomas Gor­don’s KE70 and took Cal­lum Good­ing’s AE85 Trueno for a squirt at one of the lo­cal drift days — they wouldn’t let him not get back into own­ing an old Corolla.

“I sold up what I could and found this 1986 AE86 Levin up in the Waikato and was silly enough to buy it un­seen. It was full of rust and miss­ing a lot of the good Kouki bits,” ex­plained Brad. “So, since then, it’s been a Thurs­daynight rit­ual of work­ing on it with mates.” The 16-valve heart was re­placed with a black­top 4A-GE, which Brad tells us he’ll be giv­ing a ma­jor tidy­ing up at some stage. How­ever, those rust re­pairs are tak­ing pri­or­ity for now. A man­ual steer­ing-rack swap has al­ready been com­pleted, along with short shocks and springs, T3 rear-con­trol arms, al­loy trum­pets fit­ted to the ITBs, a TRD short­shifter, and a Mike Shaw fi­bre­glass Kouki front bumper and lip. Be­fore it sees any road time, the en­gine bay will be semi de-loomed then cor­rected, smoothed, and painted in gloss grey. Good friend Rob­bie at JB Fab­ri­ca­tion will whip up a new ex­haust; the body will re­ceive a fresh lick of red, with the bumpers blacked out; and bet­ter sus­pen­sion will be fit­ted. “This crappy Corolla is my dream, and I look for­ward to fi­nally tak­ing it for drives with my wife and kids … thanks to all the friends that have lent a hand and/or dis­tracted me; and those who have do­nated parts; and, of course, my wife for un­der­stand­ing!

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