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NZPer­for­mance Car : Hey, Zac. Tell us how you got into cars and what your first was.

Zac: Hi, NZPC. One of my old­est me­mories with cars is of my step dad tak­ing me for skids in his Sky­line on my fifth birth­day. I’ve been into cars ever since then, re­ally, and my first was a loud and low Corolla.

Was it that first taste of Toy­ota that made you buy the Corona?

Yeah, old Toy­otas are pretty cool in my eyes, and this one be­ing an RT94 coupe made it pretty rare. When I first looked at it for sale, I thought to my­self, “Wow, this has an awe­some shape”, and it was one of those ‘I need to have this’–type mo­ments.

We don’t blame you. How does it go with the 18R en­gine swap, and what do you know about the con­ver­sion?

It goes fairly well for a 46-year-old [laughs]. I don’t know much about the swap, other than it was pop­u­lar back in the day and that the mo­tors them­selves came out of later Coronas and the equiv­a­lent-gen­er­a­tion Cel­i­cas, so they were fairly com­mon. With a good rev range and a de­cent amount of pull for a two-litre carb, it was easy to see why peo­ple swapped them in place of the 6R.

And we un­der­stand you’ve done a bit since buy­ing it?

The ma­jor­ity of the car was taken back to bare steel and [had the] rust cut out with patches welded in. It was primed and re­sprayed by in WRX blue with a red fleck mixed into the clear coat. Other than that, I chucked the dumpy on and changed a bunch of in­te­rior/ex­te­rior trim­mings.

Has it been hard to source parts for, be­ing such an un­com­mon model here?

Very dif­fi­cult. Noth­ing has been easy to find, to the point where, in or­der to ditch the ex­ter­nal reg­u­la­tors, I’ve had to in­stall an al­ter­na­tor out of an EA Fal­con.

We bet. Is there any­thing you want to do with it in fu­ture?

Just find­ing the last few in­te­rior pieces and re­uphol­ster[ing] the worn-out bits. Maybe an en­gine re­build, but we’ll see how it all goes.

Not a bad plan, Zac. Thanks for shar­ing her with us.

EN­GINE: Toy­ota Celica 18R-GEU, 2000cc, four-cylin­der; twin side-draught Solex car­bu­ret­tors DRIVELINE: Toy­ota W40 four-speed IN­TE­RIOR: Leather seats, Momo wood­grain steer­ing wheel, DRVN speak­ers, JVC head unit EX­TE­RIOR: Re­sprayed Subaru WRX blue with red fleck WHEELS/TYRES: 14-inch Man­gel Modgie, 185/60R14 Laufenn G FIT AS SUS­PEN­SION: (F) Low­er­ing springs, (R) re­set leaf springs POWER: 74kW TUNER: Wen­zlick Au­to­mo­tive

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