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Ce­firos are not an un­com­mon sight on Kiwi roads, re­main­ing one of the most pop­u­lar chas­sis for their typ­i­cal rear-wheel-drive and turbo-en­gined plat­form at a rea­son­able price. But, in more re­cent times, find­ing one that’s not half dead has be­come harder and harder, but even rarer than a clean ex­am­ple is the SE-4 model — a fac­tory four-wheel-drive body. It was this dis­cov­ery when he was 18 that put Wade Croucher on a mis­sion to own one of his own. Why? Vi­sions of a Ce­firo GT-R flooded his mind — imag­ine full GT-R run­ning gear swapped straight into the four-wheel-drive Ce­firo ready to rip shit up.

“Ce­firos are pre­dom­i­nantly rear-wheel drive, and I wanted to be able to play with the big boys in their GT-Rs, as well as take on the WRXs and Evos,” says Wade. “No one ex­pects a Ceff to spin up all fours, let alone have GT-R power be­hind it too.”

The car was pur­chased as a com­plete wreck sit­ting in a pad­dock, and Wade has un­der­taken a se­ri­ous amount of re­pair work to bring it back up to scratch, in­clud­ing ex­ten­sive re­pairs to the sills, front in­ner guards, and the chas­sis rails. To suit the new RB26DETT heart and box, the tun­nel was con­verted to ac­cept a man­ual, and the run­ning gear sunk in with RB mounts. The stock twins have been high-flowed and had the in­ter­nal waste­gate ported out, while Bosch 1000cc in­jec­tors de­liver buck­ets of fuel, and a Link G4 ECU con­trols the party. He’s just ac­quired a Nismo Su­per Cop­per­mix twin-plate clutch to han­dle the stresses of spin­ning up all fours and will turn at­ten­tion to the ex­te­rior de­tail­ing be­fore get­ting the old girl ready to go back on the road.

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