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NZ Per­for­mance Car : Hey, Rory. Your Ce­firo caught our eye at Chrome, and we couldn’t not fol­low it up. Can you tell us how you came to own it? Rory: Hi, guys. I was work­ing as a road sur­veyor — you know those strips you run over on the road and it goes ‘ga-doonk, ga-doonk’. Yeah, I was in­stalling those; any­way, I was work­ing out in east Auck­land and spot­ted this Cef sit­ting in a drive­way. It looked like it had been there for a while, so I went up and knocked on the door to see who owned it. An older fella had been driv­ing it around and wanted to up­grade to some­thing more mod­ern, so I went back the next day with my old man and bought it. Is it your first Ce­firo? [Laughs] It’s ac­tu­ally my first car, and I can’t see my­self ever sell­ing it now. So, you could say you have built a bit of an at­tach­ment while mod­i­fy­ing it? Yeah, for sure. It was a fac­tory RB20E auto with ab­so­lutely noth­ing done to it when I got it. I’ve swapped the running gear out for a RB25DET out of a Stagea that had only done 19,000 clicks, and chucked a RB20DET man­ual be­hind — it’s a sim­ple pack­age. What was the aim through­out the build? It’s been about five years now since I got it, and the aim was al­ways to build a car that I was proud of and able to take out for a solid cruise in the week­end. At first that meant man­ual con­vert­ing the 20E, which turned into the en­gine swap, buy­ing the Meis­ters, and slam­ming it out, etc. And does it ever see track work? I’ve taken it to Chrome a cou­ple of times, but it re­ally is only for cruis­ing. Lastly, what’s on the cards for the fu­ture? There’s a few odds and ends I still want to do to it, but the main one is a new mo­tor that is cur­rently in the works. We look for­ward to see­ing it with the new heart soon! Thanks, Rory.


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