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If it seems as if it was only yes­ter­day that we had Wiremu Burkhardt’s B2000 splashed across the cover — well, that is be­cause it was; it was fea­tured in Is­sue No. 259, only a few months back. In the ar­ti­cle, Wiremu ex­pressed his in­ten­tion to con­tinue to per­fect his award-win­ning show truck. True to his word, only a week af­ter the magazine hit the shelves, phase two of the in­te­rior was brought into play.

With Wiremu’s ve­hi­cle be­ing a ute, room for a sub box was al­ways com­pro­mised and would limit the per­for­mance of the sys­tem — or so Wiremu thought. How­ever, in a team-up with Kicker Au­dio and Rapid Ra­dio, a clever plan was de­vised to use two dif­fer­ent Kicker in­no­va­tions that push the box’s per­for­mance well be­yond your typ­i­cal be­hind-the-bench-seat unit.

The first of the two in­no­va­tions is the pair of eight-inch square L7 Q-Class sub­woofers. Tra­di­tion­ally, sub­woofers are cir­cu­lar — although, if you can re­call any­thing from high school ge­om­e­try, you will know that a square of the same di­men­sion as a cir­cle will have a sig­nif­i­cant in­crease in sur­face area; 27.33 per cent to be ex­act. Ap­ply that the­ory to sub­woofers, where per­for­mance is di­rectly re­lated to the amount of air shifted, and you can see that a square sub is go­ing to punch well above its class weight.

Now, you’re prob­a­bly look­ing at the in­stall and think­ing that there are four woofers. Therein lies the sec­ond trick to get this com­pact sys­tem boom’n; the sec­ond pair are ac­tu­ally pas­sive ra­di­a­tors, or woofers with­out a driver or mag­net. When placed in a sealed box with a pow­ered woofer, these are driven by the in­ter­nal air-pres­sure changes as the work­ing woofer shifts in and out. These move­ments create their own sound waves, and, when tuned prop­erly, the sys­tem will be able to reach the low fre­quen­cies usu­ally seen only with larger woofers. It’s a per­fect so­lu­tion when space is lim­ited and a ported box just isn’t prac­ti­cal.

It’s the same prin­ci­ple used in Kicker’s loaded en­clo­sures. In

fact, to build the B2K’s set-up, two L7 Sub­lime boxes were cut open and both the subs and ra­di­a­tors re­pur­posed in the cus­tom sealed en­clo­sure. The over­all per­for­mance from a pair of eight-inch subs in this tiny-ca­pac­ity en­clo­sure is im­pres­sive.

The sys­tem uti­lizes two Kicker KX am­pli­fiers: a 1200W rms unit drives the woofers, and a 400W rms unit pow­ers the six-inch fronts and tweet­ers.

Wiremu wanted to keep things as clean as pos­si­ble, so chose to forgo the tra­di­tional head unit, in­stead opt­ing for a PXBTC con­troller, which con­nects via Blue­tooth, al­low­ing Wiremu to play mu­sic and con­trol the sys­tem via his phone. The con­troller sends a high-volt­age preamp (5V) sig­nal to the am­pli­fiers to en­sure high­qual­ity sound.

Rapid Ra­dio took care of the cus­tom MDF en­clo­sure, be­fore the team at Waikato Mo­tor Trim­mer, who han­dled the orig­i­nal re­trim, went to work trim­ming the en­clo­sure in Bent­ley Blue nappa leather with match­ing stitch­ing on the bench seat and cus­tom door cards. The tweet­ers are hid­den in the car­bon-fi­bre kick pan­els.

To hear this sys­tem in ac­tion, jump onto face­ kick­er­au­dionz.

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