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Ire­ally should be used to it now, but every time the terms ‘ boy racer’ or ‘ car en­thu­si­ast’ are men­tioned on the six o’clock news, I cringe and think: what now?! It’s been go­ing on since the dawn of au­to­mo­tive mod­i­fi­ca­tions, and, for our gen­er­a­tion and our Ja­panese ma­chines, it’s an on­go­ing strug­gle. It seems that we’ll just be get­ting over one main­stream me­dia fire when an­other is lit and a drum of methanol is poured on top. Whether it’s a skid/drift vid that some news agency’s in­tern has pulled off Face­book or In­sta­gram, or some dick­head in a non-mod­i­fied car just caus­ing trou­ble late at night, or roads that are con­stantly tagged up day and night, all of this bad press has an im­pact on our scene that reaches far be­yond what most re­al­ize. I’ve had coun­cils laugh at me on the phone, po­lice sergeants deny per­mis­sion for hard­parks, even an­gry busi­ness own­ers pulling out of any as­so­ci­a­tion with NZPC fol­low­ing such bad press.

And it clearly pisses off those who love cars and stay on the right side of the law (for the most part). But no mat­ter how much we com­plain, write about it, or post on so­cial me­dia ex­press­ing our dis­dain for this ac­tion, I doubt it’s re­ally go­ing to have the ef­fect that we all wish it would — as the only ones lis­ten­ing are likely oth­ers in the same boat. So, I’m go­ing to pro­pose a dif­fer­ent an­gle to take (note I’m not call­ing it a so­lu­tion, be­cause it is not). What I’m propos­ing is to fill the main­stream me­dia with more pos­i­tive than neg­a­tive press, and at­tempt to ef­fect change around the neg­a­tive per­sona as­so­ci­ated with ‘boy rac­ers’ or ‘car en­thu­si­asts’.

What we need is plenty of good PR to be­gin cir­cu­lat­ing, and the only way that I can see this hap­pen­ing is for us all to part take in a lit­tle bit of self­less labour, ef­fort, and col­lec­tive think­ing. If there is one thing that the me­dia loves more than a bad-boy story, it’s a bad-boy-do­ing-good story. So this is a call to ac­tion; I’m putting the power in your hands to get out there and par­take in lit­tle bit of char­ity for your lo­cal com­mu­nity. Get to­gether with your club/mates, throw a gold-coin cruise, a toy run, or­ga­nize a car wash, throw a char­ity hard­park, hell, even fire up the bar­be­cue at Bun­nings. If every clique of ‘boy rac­ers’ or ‘car en­thu­si­asts’ or­ga­nized some­thing small in their town or city, the com­bined im­pact it could have, not only for the se­lected char­i­ties, but on our own pub­lic im­age could be hugely sig­nif­i­cant.

It’s time that we showed that we are not all not a bunch of an­ti­so­cial crim­i­nals out to cause trou­ble and put the pub­lic at risk. So, that next time the in­evitable hap­pens, we will have some good press to fall back on. But I get it, or­ga­niz­ing any­thing like this might seem daunt­ing, so if any­one is se­ri­ous about mak­ing an im­pact in the pos­i­tive light don’t hes­i­tate to let me know how NZ Per­for­mance Car can help you. Let’s do some good and let the wider com­mu­nity know that, when it boils down, most of us are re­ally just GCs who love cars!

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