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Used race car parts are the best! If any­one ever looks over my E36 you’ll soon pick that lots of parts once called much more ex­pen­sive race cars home. Trawl­ing deep into on­line mar­kets, or even go­ing old school and lurk­ing swap meets — both have pro­duced some gold. From my shifter that uses an Oh­lins cam­ber plate, to my GT3 Brem­bos or Nascar re­mote oil-fil­ter mount, the list goes on. This month, I’ve been mount­ing a set of used high-end air jacks — just an­other thrift part that will make my life eas­ier and that didn’t cost the earth. C. 66 C. 10 M. 60 M. 10 I’m no cheque­book racer — in fact, I’d call my­self a ‘coupon racer’ — but hey, Y. we 60 all have Y. 10 to do what we have K. 45 K. 10 to get to that fin­ish line right?!

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