NZ Performance Car - - Review -

Hav­ing owned this 1966 Mk1 Ford Cortina es­tate for over 20 years now — with the car hav­ing spent 10 of those parked up in the shed with­out a mo­tor in the hole — owner Stephen Kens­ing­ton has re­cently de­cided on a heart that will power it.

Un­doubt­edly in­flu­enced by his Toy­ota-nut son, Nick, a first-gen­er­a­tion 4A-GZE has been se­lected for the task and will un­dergo a freshen-up re­build in prepa­ra­tion for its new home. To be backed by a six-speed J160 Al­tezza gear­box, Stephen sought a pack­age to cruise in com­fort­ably but still de­liver enough power to get the old es­tate peel­ing off down the road when re­quired. With a T-se­ries Toy­ota Corona diff now in the rear, so as to be able to run Nick’s old set of 14x7- (+6) and 14x7-inch (-6) Hayashi Street Fins in 4x114.3. Nat­u­rally, to fit the new power train, a se­ri­ous amount of cut­ting and fab­ri­ca­tion has had, and will have, to be un­der­taken to fin­ish up this mix of English and Ja­panese au­to­mo­tive good­ness, es­pe­cially as there are plans to run a full af­ter­mar­ket ad­justable sus­pen­sion and steer­ing pack­age in the front end. Plans are to even­tu­ally re­spray it back to the fac­tory green once the hard-slog work has been done.

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