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When you’re balls deep in Nis­sans and your 13B Re­n­e­sis runs a bear­ing, what do you do? For James Pera, his an­swer was to fish out one of the hand­ful of RB25DETs that he had hoarded away in the shed and set about re­hom­ing it into his RX-8’s now-empty en­gine bay. James tells us that the build didn’t take long at all: seven weeks, in­clud­ing re­build­ing the mo­tor be­fore it went in, an ef­fort helped by good mate Craig Det­tling of Dett Spec’d.

“[The RB25DET was a] bit of a tight squeeze in the bay but does fit in there nicely,” says James. “We pushed the fire­wall back a lit­tle bit to get the mo­tor and box set far enough back to line up the shifter in the fac­tory hole too.”

Fac­tory RB en­gine mounts were used to sit the mo­tor in, and Craig mod­i­fied the sub­frame with steel plate to create a plat­form for the mount to at­tach to, a de­sign that James re­ferred to as be­ing easy and sim­ple. It’s worth not­ing, how­ever, that this is a track-ded­i­cated car and was not re­quired to meet the Low Vol­ume Ve­hi­cle Tech­ni­cal As­so­ci­a­tion (LVVTA) stan­dards that a street-le­gal car would.

James tells us that the steer­ing rack was switched out for a FC RX-7 unit and mounted low for bet­ter clear­ance, while the RB’s front sump was mod­i­fied into a rear sump to al­low it to sit over the sub­frame.

The pack­age is backed by an RB20DET that gets eas­ily swal­lowed by the rather hefty gear­box tun­nel, although he says that it just de­stroys the smaller box and needs to be up­graded to an RB25 big box. The fac­tory torque bar has been mod­i­fied to keep the diff aligned.

“The con­ver­sion doesn’t seem to have af­fected the bal­ance much, and with the built mo­tor it has plenty of power. I’d give it a solid eight out of 10 in terms of worth­while­ness,” James says.

RB25DET (S2) ORI­GIN CHAS­SIS: Nis­san Sky­line R33 CA­PAC­ITY: 2498cc CON­FIG­U­RA­TION: Straight-six turbo BORE/STROKE: 86x71.7mm COM­PRES­SION: 9.0:1 FAC­TORY POWER: 186kW / 319Nm WEIGHT: 220kg (full) NOTES: Ce­ramic com­pres­sor wheel

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