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There’s per­haps no greater feel­ing than driv­ing to an event, beat­ing the liv­ing snot out of your car on track — and it lov­ing ev­ery sec­ond of it — and then driv­ing it home like noth­ing has hap­pened. To do this, hav­ing a street-le­gal track car is a must but is not al­ways an easy feat — de­spite hav­ing a pretty solid sys­tem for mak­ing wild stuff le­gal on New Zealand roads. That was the goal for Ja­cob Berry when it came to build­ing his 180SX Type X track car: it had to be street le­gal. “There aren’t enough road-go­ing track cars out there. Talk­ing to peo­ple like Char­lie Lam, who has now done the same, and you re­al­ize that they al­ways re­gret build­ing a car and not mak­ing it le­gal, be­cause you don’t get the same free­dom to drive it nearly as much,” Ja­cob tells us.

Ja­cob’s idea of a track car would see the Type X’s SR20DET power plant ripped out and re­placed by a forged 2JZ-GTE. The bot­tom end has been crammed with CP pis­tons and Manley rods, while the head is yet to be built to spec. A Sinco twin-scroll man­i­fold will sup­port an MSE Tur­bos NZ snail, along with a Tur­bosmart Gen-V 50mm waste­gate. The in­take re­mains the fac­tory unit, while an Aeroflow fuel rail and 2200cc in­jec­tors re­place the OEM ex­am­ples in or­der to run E85 and 98 oc­tane with a flex-fuel sen­sor.

With drift­ing in mind, the front end has been tubbed with quick-re­lease pan­els, while the steer­ing has been switched out for a Parts Shop Max Limit Break kit, and the same is set to go in down back, where you’ll find a Nismo two-way LSD and 900hp (671kW) Drive­shaft Shop axles. The goal is to make 500kW at the wheels.

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