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My mum al­ways told me to fol­low my heart, and, the older I get, the more I can rea­son with my­self in my own head about why that’s such an im­por­tant mes­sage and why I should live my life that way. Hell, that’s why I’m in this job and not off chas­ing big pay cheques else­where. It’s also why I re­cently made the call to sell my dearly beloved E36 race car, a car that’s con­sumed my life for the past half decade.

Why the hell am I do­ing such a thing, you might ask? Well, I can trace the rea­son back to be­ing five or six years old and be­ing told sto­ries of speed­way by my step­dad while look­ing at his old photo al­bums and news­pa­per clip­pings time and time again. It planted a seed, one that I’ve never man­aged to kill, made much worse by a drive of an A-grade midget a few years back. More than once, I have gone to build a speed­way car and backed out, even just be­fore em­bark­ing on the E36 ac­tu­ally. For some rea­son, I can’t shake the itch, and this time I’m go­ing to damn well scratch that bitch be­fore I’m an old man with ra­grets — yes, I spelt it that way on pur­pose.

If I could’ve kept the BMW till I was older and wiser, I would’ve; there was still a ton that I wanted to do with that car, and it re­ally does mean the world to me, but if I’m go­ing to do this I’m go­ing to have a proper crack and need the shed space. Has it been sad to sell parts off? Yes, but on­wards and up­wards I say. It’s ex­cit­ing times ahead as I en­ter the world of F2 midgets — the sec­ond-grade midget class run at West­ern Springs, one that uti­lizes pro­duc­tion twolitres and A-grade chas­sis.

Although I have to leave ro­taries for a minute, it’ll be a great chal­lenge to try my best to ex­tract some power from a pis­tion en­gine, some­thing I’ll ad­mit is a weak point for me. Fur­ther more ill be learn­ing how to make it all work on the dirt! I feel that, cur­rently, speed­way is a very-good-value mo­tor sport bang­for-buck for seat time and close rac­ing thrills; let’s just hope that I’m not hang­ing from the fence too much.

So, while that’s what is go­ing on in my world of rac­ing, I wanted to take this op­por­tu­nity to im­plore you all to go af­ter any­thing you want in life with gusto. This life is short — very, very short for some — so if you leave chas­ing what­ever it might be that you want to do un­til to­mor­row … well, that’s a day that’s not promised to any­one, so you might be a day too late!

Stay safe out there this sum­mer, don’t take stupid risks, and make sure that you en­joy the best months of our scene. We have some cool events com­ing up this sum­mer, and, of course, all the new cars de­but­ing at the nationals, as well as some cool stuff we are lock­ing in for our stand. So, en­joy the fes­tive sea­son and see you all in Jan­uary — 2019 is go­ing to be an ex­cit­ing one around here!

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