NZ Performance Car - - Paying Homage to that Red, White. and Blue -

STRUTS: Parts Shop Max Pro coilovers BRAKES: Wil­wood mas­ter cylin­ders, cus­tom hy­draulic hand­brake; (F) Wil­wood four-pot calipers, JDM AE86 vented ro­tors, medium-level pads; (R) Sky­line two-pot calipers, MX73 ro­tors, Project Mu pads, hy­draulic hand­brake with AP Rac­ing mas­ter cylin­der EX­TRA: Devil Run Pan­hard-bar brace, White­line ad­justable Pan­hard bar, equal-length four-link arms with No­lathane bushes, cus­tom front LCA and cas­tor-rod set-up, cus­tom front drop axles, cus­tom high-lock steer­ing knuck­les, solid-mounted steer­ing rack, All Ja­panese Parts and Spares (AJPS) rack spacer, GKTech tie-rod kit, ex­tended longer rack ends

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