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When to seek help

Whether it’s for yourself, a friend or family member there are a few red flags that indicate that extra support and help is needed.


The key with the below signs is how intensely they are impacting someone’s ability to live their life day-to-day and the length of time they have been experienci­ng them for. If an individual is unable to function as they normally would i.e. can’t get themselves to work, or they have been experienci­ng these challenges consistent­ly for two weeks or more, then they may need some extra support.

Physical Health

Poor sleep (too much or not enough)

Significan­t weight gain or weight loss

Increased alcohol or drug use

Mental and emotional health

Increased negative thoughts

Feeling overwhelme­d and unable to cope

Feeling down/low

Whānau Health

Changes in behaviour that negatively impact relationsh­ips at work or home Isolating yourself from whānau and friends

Spiritual Health

Feeling worthless

Loss of enjoyment in life

Feeling no sense of hope for the future

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